Defining the Zero Draft

I'm obsessed with writers and their routines. When do they write? What time of the day they are most productive? Where do they write - home office or coffee shops? Coffee or tea? What flavor tea? Personally, I prefer green or jasmine tea. What tools do they use? Scrivener, Google Docs, Word or do they... Continue Reading →

The Danger of a Single Writing Project

How many writing projects are you currently working on? As creatives, we all experience burnout at some point. Whether we have simply taken on too much, set unrealistic expectations, or in my case become overwhelmed (more like obsessed) with a particular writing project, I've found that incorporating other writing projects (crazy as this sounds) has... Continue Reading →

The Writing Round Up: August 2018

WIP progress Still ploding away at draft zero folks. Current word count for my middle grade adventure novel (working title Code Green Society) stands at about 48,000 words. I'm looking forward to typing 'The End' on this manuscript. How should I celebrate? Chilled bottle of Proseco? Somehow I feel like this is leading up to... Continue Reading →

How I Use Pinterest For Novel Writing

Pinterest is all about ideas and images. It is a social networking site where people share images (and videos) that they find interesting. Think of it as a virtual corkboard where users view boards and create themed boards by ‘pinning’ images from other users. You can create boards about anything, wedding cakes, cars, holiday destinations,... Continue Reading →

How I Organize My Writer’s Notebook

  I have a weakness for notebooks. Wire bound, foil trimmed, specialty, leather, bullet, love, love. I even fell for the snobbery of a moleskine notebook which remains empty to this day because I couldn’t think of anything ‘good enough’ to write in it. Meanwhile, my cheapo composition notebook from Walgreens is a gold... Continue Reading →

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