Creating Stories With Heart

If you're a writer with publishing ambitions, I'm sure you've heard agents calling for 'stories with lots of heart'.  I've heard this term tossed around but what does it really mean to give a novel heart? I came across one of the best explanations in Donald Maas' The Emotional Craft of Fiction: How to Write the... Continue Reading →

The Writing Round Up: August 2018

WIP progress Still ploding away at draft zero folks. Current word count for my middle grade adventure novel (working title Code Green Society) stands at about 48,000 words. I'm looking forward to typing 'The End' on this manuscript. How should I celebrate? Chilled bottle of Proseco? Somehow I feel like this is leading up to... Continue Reading →

Getting back on track in August

Looks like my poor little blog is falling by the wayside... I'm now at the seventy percent mark of my middle grade novel. Honestly I'd predicted that I would be revising a completed draft by now but here we are. Still writing... After agonizing over my opening pages for such a long time, I'm still... Continue Reading →

The Round-Up: March/April Goals

So here we are at the end of April 2017! Whew! I've been crazy busy and I'm still struggling with balancing writing with the requirements of a full-time job.  I haven't really been blogging because let's be honest - blogging is also a form of procrastination when you're supposed to be writing. So let's take... Continue Reading →

My March/April Bi-Monthly Goals

Can't believe it's March already! I started 2018 full of determination and so far it's holding. I set a ton of ambitious goals for January/February, so how did it go? I didn't finish the draft but I still call a win on this one. In January I signed up for an online course with the... Continue Reading →

How I Use Pinterest For Novel Writing

Pinterest is all about ideas and images. It is a social networking site where people share images (and videos) that they find interesting. Think of it as a virtual corkboard where users view boards and create themed boards by ‘pinning’ images from other users. You can create boards about anything, wedding cakes, cars, holiday destinations,... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Monthly Photo Challenge

Hi guys, Every month I’m going to pull a random card from my Storymatic Kids game and write a flash fiction story for children (up to 700 words), based on the prompt on the card. To make things even more interesting, I’m creating a story aesthetic for inspiration. February’s Challenge Writing prompt: Eating competition Ready,... Continue Reading →

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