My WIP Update: January 2018

One way I’m holding myself accountable to my writing goals is through an end of the month work-in-progress (WIP) update.   What am I working on? I’m currently working on a middle grade adventure (working title: The Treehouse Society). After way too many revisions of the outline, my first draft sits at about 30,000 and... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Monthly Photo Challenge

Hi guys, Every month I'm going to pull a random card from my Storymatic Kids game and write a flash fiction story for children (up to 700 words), based on the prompt on the card. To make things even more interesting, I'm creating a story aesthetic for inspiration. January's Challenge Set your story on another... Continue Reading →

My Bi-Monthly Goals: Jan/Feb 2018

Hello 2018, This year I'm attempting a bi-monthly method of goal setting. I got the idea from Kristen Martin on You Tube (I highly recommend), she makes writing advice videos and is a self-published author of four fantasy books. Well, Kristen uses bi-monthly targets and reports at the end of the period whether she achieved... Continue Reading →

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